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WHO WE ARE: Association "La Nostra Famiglia"

Association "La Nostra Famiglia" is a non-profit organization of social utility whose purpose is to promote and safeguard health care, education and services for people with special needs.

Association "La Nostra Famiglia" is reputed for:

  • its long experience in child and adolescent disabilities

  • its wide network of Rehabilitation Centers

  • 35 Centers in Italy and abroad - 2,000 health professionals - 870,000 services per year

Our Mission

  • Our mission is to safeguard the dignity of people with disability - especially children and adolescents - and improve their quality of life.

  • Our concern is also for their psychological health and their families.

Our Style

  • Charity and social solidarity in the footsteps of our Founder don Luigi Monza: "Science and technology at the service of charity".

  • Rehabilitation and scientific research following the example of Europe and the rest of the world.

  • Promoting a responsible conduct and training for our health staff, our methods, our organization: "do the right thing in the right way" (Don Luigi)

Research is entrusted to Scientific Hospital “Eugenio Medea”, the only Scientific Institute in Italy recognized for research and rehabilitation in childhood and adolescence.

To us, care does not only mean providing treatment but also “taking care of” people with disabilities, their quality of life and that of their families. In rehabilitation and research, this translates into a “comprehensive” approach to patients and their needs.

Rehabilitation of physical, mental and sensory disabilities or social maladjustment. “E. Medea” was the first in Italy to understand the importance of rehabilitation: the first Rehabilitation Center recognized by the Italian Health Department belongs to “La Nostra Famiglia”.

Association "La Nostra Famiglia"
Via don Luigi Monza, 1
22037 Ponte Lambro (Co)
phone +39/031/625111
President - Alda Pellegri
General Director - Marco Sala
Press and External Relations - Cristina Trombetti
ufstampa@bp.lnf it

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