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WHO WE ARE: Mission

Our mission is to contribute to knowledge and skills development in order to:

  • prevent physical, psychic and sensory disabilities;

  • limit as much as possible their consequences and, when possible, overcome them;

  • provide our Centers, the communities within which they operate and society in general with scientifically sound practices and methodologies for rehabilitation, health care and education.

Medical Activity

The rehabilitation hospitals of "La Nostra Famiglia" are not simply Rehabilitation Centers with sound medical knowledge nor do they aim at becoming hospitals for acute care, in line with the old concept of hospital. They have started a process to become the Rehabilitation Centers of the new millennium.
Indeed, child and adolescent pathologies and the so-called global approach to the patient require a new concept of hospital, different from the traditional one relying on acute management. According to this new vision, the patient’s pathway of care presupposes both medical assistance and other interventions for a "multidisciplinary" approach.
Child and adolescent pathologies are wide and complex, with a multiform nature which is even more difficult to manage because the damage sustained impacts on the physical, psychic and social development of the patients, causing multiple negative effects.
The clinical approach should thus be accompanied by psychoeducational and social interventions to achieve the greatest possible functional recovery of the patient.


Today research needs to be founded on ethical principles and strong values. This does not only imply a strict respect for bioethics but also, and above all, attention and respect for the patient’s needs. Research does not aim at obtaining a consensus at all costs nor easier and immediate results. Its main purpose is not only to explore disability in terms of prevention, treatment and rehabilitation but also to address the pain and the distress which are usually associated to this condition.
It thus requires ethical rigour, great expertise, creativeness and strong motivations.

These are the challenges that our Institute intends to rise to, which are also its founding and leading principles:

  • clinical activity should not be secondary to research and should not be virtually dependent on it;

  • research should primarily be aimed at improving rehabilitation;

  • attention for the patient as a whole is crucial;

  • our Institute promotes and carries out research with the involvement of the whole staff. None of them (except for some specific fields) will focus solely on research. This ensures the cultural and scientific growth of both the Institute and the Association;

  • research is founded on a common "clinical vocation adopted by all Centers;

  • The clinical and research fields undergo an ongoing process of mapping resources and priorities.

This goal is not unattainable but it requires a strong determination to pursue applied research to improve rehabilitation and expand our knowledge base.

Research Areas

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