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WHO WE ARE: Institute “E. Medea” and its network

Our mission reflects our institutional duty: to promote biomedical and health research in close association with clinical practice to test new rehabilitation techniques and improve existing ones.
The wide network of centers belonging to Association La Nostra Famiglia is a good testing ground for quantitatively and qualitatively sound research, especially in rehabilitation.

This is made possible by a number of factors:

  • The number of patients, certainly the largest in Italy for childhood and adolescence. Every year, over 20,000 patients are referred to our Centers. Theoretically, this would mean providing services to a catch area of more than 25 million people.

  • Our Centers have common working methodologies and procedures.

  • Management practices as well as clinical guidelines and protocols are harmonized across all Centers

What principles underlie research at Scientific Institute “E. Medea”?

E. Medea” is carrying out a long-term research program to significantly contribute to knowledge about child and adolescent pathologies.
Research does not only comply with biomedical principles but also with the following requirements:

  • comply with the criteria of an epidemiological study also implying a longitudinal approach

  • compare epidemiological and clinical data

  • take into account biological, genetic and experimental aspects of animal models

  • investigate thoroughly psychological and social aspects

  • evaluate and follow-up the results of rehabilitation

  • develop operational protocols

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