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Centre for the study of social emotional development of at risk infant

The first years of life essentially influence the subsequent social emotional development and children’s quality of life. In these early periods the child’s own features, social and communication skills, and the quality of the mother-infant relationship are critical for the psychological and relational development of the individual. Specific clinical conditions such as prematurity, neurological diseases, malformations or genetic syndromes can compromise the harmonious development of these processes, making at risk the achievement of stages of social emotional growth that the child and his/her family must cope. In such situations, among the factors helpful to reduce or dampen down the consequences of risk conditions, the presence of early relationships sensitive and responsive to children’s special needs may be a not negligible factor of protection and promotion.
These considerations lead us to take care of the first steps of our little inpatients throughout a clinical practice individualized for each child and family, characterized by a constant interchange with the scientific research on early infancy.

The Centre for the study of social emotional development of at risk infant makes research and clinical activity concerning neurobehavioral development, emotion regulation, social competences, and the quality of mother-child relationship in at risk situations, especially for zero-to-three year olds. The activity of the Centre aims to enhance the synergy between research and clinical practice, helping to enrich the theoretical knowledge in terms of typical and atypical development processes and identify early at risk situations that require intervention.

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