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Centre for the study of social emotional development of at risk infant


The research activity is performed within the Research Area of Neuropathology of the IRCCS “E. Medea” (Dr. Borgatti). The main subjects of investigation include:

  1. the early relationship between preterm infants and their mothers;

  2. the study of neurobehavioral profile, communication and regulation skills of the child born preterm;

  3. the study of the quality of interaction between mother and child with cleft lip before and after surgery performed at 6 months of age;

  4. the study of the effectiveness of early treatments of visual rehabilitation in the newborn with pre-perinatal asphyxia;

  5. the study of emotional and behavioral profile, quality of life and family stress in patients with Congenital Central Hypoventilation Syndrome.

Moreover, the Centre conducts a number of other research projects to investigate certain areas of child development in samples of children born at term and in the absence of disease. Among these, the study of memory processes in a context of social emotional stress and the study of early recognition of emotion expressions. In addition, a line of study is aimed at deepening parental perceptions related to some child characteristics investigating the continuity of maternal perception of children from pregnancy to the first months of life. Finally, some research is aimed at increasing the knowledge on the development of children temperament during the first years of life.

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