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Bosisio Parini (LC) Research Center

The research activity carried out in Bosisio Parini focuses on all areas of interest of the Institute.  There is a strong connection between research and the the Center's clinical activity, which takes place in a Neurophysiatrics Department as well as a Center for Developmental Neuropsychiatry and Psychopathology.

Our studies mainly focus on: 

  • Rare diseases
  • Hereditary spastic paraparesis
  • Cerebellar and cerebral malformative disorders
  • Cerebral palsy and traumatic brain injury
  • At-risk infants, pre-term infants
  • Speech and language disorders
  • Neurodevelopmental pathologies
  • Emotional disorders in children

The bioengineering and robotics labs and the CESNE-Neuroimaging Lab (Applied technologies Area) support the studies carried out by the other Research Areas.


ASEBA Instruments Alessandra Frigerio Psychopathology
Attachment Lab Alessandra Frigerio Psychopathology
BabyLab - Laboratory for early detection of infants at high-risk for language and learning impairment and autism spectrum disorders Chiara Cantiani, Valentina Riva Psychopathology
Computational biology Manuela Sironi Neurobiology
0-3 Center for the at-Risk Infant Rosario Montirosso Neurosciences
Cytongenomics research Clara Bonaglia Neurobiology
Molecular Diagnostics, Human Genetics Roberto Giorda Neurobiology
E-Health solutions for Neurodevelopmental Disorders Maria Luisa Lorusso Psychopathology
Clinical and translational pharmacology Emilio Clementi Neurobiology
Developmental Dyslexia: investingation of early risk and preventive factors Sara Mascheretti Psychopathology
Bioengineering Lab Gianluigi Reni Applied technologies
CESNE - Neuroimaging Lab   Applied technologies
Neuromuscular disorders M. Grazia D'Angelo Neurosciences
Drosophila models of motor neuron diseases Andrea Daga Neurobiology
Neurophysiopathology and epyleptology Claudio Zucca Neurosciences
Theoretical neuroscience in the (a)typical development: sensory/perceptual and motor sampling Luca Casartelli Psychopathology
Hereditary spastic paraparesis and Motor neuron diseases with early onset Maria T. Bassi Neurobiology
Developmental psychopathology of emotional and behavioral disorders Maria Nobile Psychopathology
Motor-based body representation disturbances in eating disorders Cristina Campione Psychopathology
Motor impairments in children with Autism Spectrum Disorders: a multimodal approach Alessandro Crippa Psychopathology
Evaluation and rehabilitation of Cerebral Palsy Luigi Piccinini Neurosciences
Assessment, monitoring and follow-up of brain tumor survivors Geraldina Poggi Neurosciences
Evaluation, monitoring and rehabilitation in the field of severe acquired brain injury Sandra Strazzer Neurosciences


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