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Child neurology rehabilitation: rare diseases of central and peripheral nervous systems and brain injuries: from diagnosis to rehabilitation


This area includes a wide range of studies, strongly impacting on clinical practice, aimed at understanding the molecular basis of the damage (neuropathological aspect) and the physiopathogenetic related mechanisms (neurophysiopathological aspect) finalized to start specific and targeted rehabilitation interventions (neurorehabilitation aspect).
The use of advanced technologies both for diagnosis (molecular genetic studies and advanced neuroimaging with or without EEG detection) and for rehabilitation (robotic rehabilitation, use of shape memory materials), connect the research of area 1 to the activity of area 3 (Neurobiology and Computational Biology) and of area 4 (Applied Technologies). In addition studies on atypical psychomotor and cognitive development in at risk children (for example, pre-term birth or genetic disorders) are strongly connected to the activity of area 2 (Psychopathology).
The distinguishing feature of this area is the high specificity and the translational aspect. In fact, the issues raised by researches in neurogenetics, neuropathology, neurophysiology and neurological development translate into proposals for therapeutic/rehabilitative interventions.


In summary, the diagnostic and therapeutic rehabilitation research topics developed within area 1 are:

  • malformations of cerebral cortex, commissural and posterior fossa structures
  • early onset neurodegenerative diseases
  • neuromuscular diseases
  • epilepsy
  • genetic syndromes involving the central nervous system and the musculoskeletal system
  • brain injury and vegetative states
  • post-oncological neurological diseases
  • congenital and acquired cerebral palsy
  • central low vision diseases and vision deficit at early onset
  • atypical development in children at risk for environmental or genetic causes


Movement Analysis Antonio Trabacca Puglia
Neurodegenerative disorders with motor manifestation Andrea Martinuzzi Veneto
0-3 Center for the at-Risk Infant Rosario Montirosso Lombardia
Epyleptology Antonio Trabacca Puglia
Neuromuscular disorders M. Grazia D'Angelo Lombardia
Rare diseases and neurorehabilitation Antonio Trabacca Puglia
Myopathies due to a defect in glucose or lipid metabolism Andrea Martinuzzi Veneto
Neurophysiopathology and epileptology Claudio Zucca Lombardia
Developmental neurology and neurorehabilitation in severe acquired brain injury Antonio Trabacca Puglia
Developmental neurology and neurorehabilitation in neuromuscular diseases Antonio Trabacca Puglia
Developmental neurology and neurorehabilitation in Cerebral Palsy Antonio Trabacca Puglia
Neuro-ophtalmology and low vision Antonio Trabacca Puglia
Neuropsychology and neuromodulation of cognitive, affective and social functions in neurodevelopmental disorders Alessandra Finisguerra Friuli-Venezia Giulia
Psychophysiology Antonio Trabacca Puglia

Clinical and rehabilitative translational research

Sergio Zanini Friuli-Venezia Giulia
Study of etiologic, clinical, neurophysiological, medical or surgical aspects of the complex, severe and disabling epilepsy of the child and the adult Paolo Bonanni Veneto
Evaluation and rehabilitation of Cerebral Palsy Luigi Piccinini Lombardia
Assessment, monitoring and follow-up of brain tumor survivors Geraldina Poggi Lombardia
Evaluation, monitoring and rehabilitation in the field of severe acquired brain injury Sandra Strazzer Lombardia


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