Research Centers in Conegliano and Pieve di Soligo

The Research Centers in Conegliano and Pieve di Soligo carry out research activities relating to the four areas of interest of the Medea Institute.

The Center is also the "Research Branch" of the Italian WHO Collaborating Center for International Classifications.

The Clinical Units are also involved in observational studies and clinical trials for the safety and the efficacy evaluation of pharmacological, neurosurgical and rehabilitation interventions.

The Center also collaborates with various research facilities and universities and participates in various pathology networks in the fields of pediatric oncology and oncohematology, rare diseases, ADHD, epilepsy. In addition, there are active collaborations with some patient associations in the context of degenerative hereditary ataxias, alternating hemiplegia, Angelman Syndrome and glycogenoses.


Neurodegenerative disorders with motor manifestation Andrea Martinuzzi Neuropsychiatric rehabilitation
Myopathies due to a defect in glucose or lipid metabolism Andrea Martinuzzi Neuropsychiatric rehabilitation
Study of etiologic, clinical, neurophysiological, medical or surgical aspects of the complex, severe and disabling epilepsy of the child and the adult Paolo Bonanni Neuropsychiatric rehabilitation
Development and implementation of WHO International Classification Andrea Martinuzzi Applied technologies


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